5 simple ways to generate more painting leads through social media

There are many ways to generate leads through social media, but it can be difficult to cut through the noise of everyone else advertising their products and services. Business may be going well but are you leveraging your social media channels to help score some extra cash, especially during quieter periods?

Here are some top tips to gloss over the quieter times of the year:

Get involved in Facebook groups

You may already be doing this but are you posting in the relevant groups? Avoid pushing sales messages into every single group you can find and focus your time on providing helpful and useful painting tips on relevant posts. You can even ask your friends and family to recommend and tag you in any posts they may see.

Ratings & Recommendations

There are a lot of ‘cowboy’ tradesmen out there and it’s important you make sure you distance yourself from them by having reputable reviews on social. Once you have finished a job, ask them to leave you a facebook review. These can become extremely valuable once you build up a few and they will win you business.

Run competitions

Competitions are really common on social media, but not all are ran very well. There are two important criterias to hit when actually running a competition. You need to select something that would be valuable enough to tempt people into actually entering the competition.

Think about offering one room to be painted for free. This prize is valuable enough for people to enter and may tempt them into hiring you to paint another room, whilst increasing your profile and potentially bringing in more business from the shares!

Always use high-quality images and include some video

Think about when you scroll through your social media feed. Do you read every single word or just skim? High-quality images will catch people’s attention, and your posts should include them as they will receive more engagement.

Video has grown in 2018, and it is going to be a huge factor in 2019 - always be sure to mix in some video content where possible. Remember to keep your content relevant to painting!

Keep track of your goals and see what works best

It is important that everything you post has a purpose. You want to generate leads, but you need to monitor what type of content works well and what doesn’t. You should always be including some sort of call to action and make a simple spreadsheet report to monitor how many people have seen the post (impressions), likes, comments and shares. You can access all this information on your business analytics page.

To get a little more advanced, ask your customers how they found you and track this data too.

If you sharpen up your social media activity, you’ll be scoring some more jobs in no time.

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