How To Paint a Front Door

Have you just quoted on a job that includes painting a front door? Here’s a comprehensive guide on what type of outdoor paint to use and how to paint it.


Tools and materials


  1. Start by removing the front door, the handle and hinges. You will need to insert a flathead screwdriver between the hinge and the hinge pin at a 45-degree angle and lightly tap the end of the screwdriver with your hammer. Once the pins have been loosened, you will be able to remove the door.

Top tip: You may want to get somebody to hold the door as you remove it from the hinges.

  1. After the door has been removed, lay it across your two sawhorses. You should inspect the door for any holes, such as nail marks and fill these in with your silicone sealant and leave it to dry.

  2. Make sure you wipe the door down with a damp cloth to ensure the surface is ready for sanding. To provide a better surface for the paint to adhere to, and the whole door surface and wipe down the door again to remove any dust.

  3. If the front door has any windows (and letterbox), you will need to tape some newspaper over it to protect from any paint.

  4. Now it’s time to start priming, and this should be done with your 3-inch paint brush. If you use our specialist Fastflow Quick Dry Primer, you’ll only need a single coat which is perfect for time efficiency.  

Top tip: You will have to complete one side and leave it to dry before flipping the door to complete the other side.

  1. Whilst you are waiting for the primer to fully dry, go and clean your paint brush ready for the paint application. Before starting to apply a high-quality satin paint, you will need to stir your paint.

    It is best practice to start painting the door from the top down making long strokes with the brush.

  1. You should let the door fully dry before reinstallation. Once the door no longer feels tacky to touch, replace all the fixtures and have someone help you attach the door to its frame.

Now you’re ready to take the job on and if you’re missing any of the kit needed, listed above, click here to find your nearest Crown Decorating Centre.