Tips for prepping your home's exterior for spring.

Give your house a fresh lick of paint

Over time our homes can begin to look dull and lacklustre. Chipped and flaking paint can make any home look shabby, so why not spruce up your home’s exterior with a fresh lick of masonry paint?

Whether you choose classic exterior house colours like white and black, you want to add a statement colour like a pastel pink or perhaps you prefer the contemporary look of slate grey, there’s no shortage of colours from which to choose. Not only does painting your home make it look more inviting (and increase its value) but specialist exterior paint helps to weatherproof the building.

We have a whole host of masonry paints available, including leading brand names Sandtex, Macpherson and even our own range of Crown Trade masonry paint for a long-lasting, durable finish.


Repair and replace fences and gates

Fences and gates can take a battering during the winter. From snowfall to windstorms, rot and moss, months of adverse weather can seriously impact the integrity of garden structures.

Start by walking the perimeter of your property and check how boundary fences and gates are holding up. You should then replace any worse-for-wear panels and ensure that the rest of the structure is secure.

Once you're happy, you should then add a fresh coat of specialist wood paint to the whole structure. Choose from natural wood colours or show your adventurous side with a pop of colour. Green looks great in lush gardens, whereas blues work well in small spaces crying out for some vibrancy; blue in particular looks great as a backdrop to fresh spring garden plants and flowers.


Scrub your driveway

To maintain your driveway, you should look to give it a good clean at least twice a year; spring and autumn are the perfect times. Prepping your drive in the autumn means that you're getting rid of any dead leaves that could turn to mulch over the winter, while cleaning your drive in the spring will help to transform your house exterior and instantly increase your home's kerb appeal.

Surfaces like concrete, asphalt and resin driveways are easier to clean and maintain compared to gravel and even block paving. Nonetheless, a good detergent and a power wash will make any drive sparkle.

To keep your driveway looking fresher for longer, there are specialist floor paints that help to protect surfaces from adverse weather and can even create a non-slip coat so, even if we have the odd April frost, you can walk with confidence.


Spruce up your shed

One of the top must-haves for prospective buyers is a home office. A recent survey by Rightmove found that around 36% of buyers are looking for a home with a dedicated home-working space. Instead of taking up valuable space inside your home, spruce up your shed and create a sleek office – and see the value of your property increase.

Before you go moving your desk and laptop down there, you’ll want to make sure that your shed is waterproof and warm. Start by installing insulation in the floors, ceiling and walls and don't forget to add a damp-proof course. You’ll then want to connect your shed to a power line and, of course, make sure that you can connect to Wi-Fi.

Once you’ve got the shell ready, you can get creative! Calming colours like blue and green are ideal if you have a stressful job and want a place that feels serene, whereas office spaces with bold bright colours are ideal for helping to get those creative juices flowing.

Discover our range of over 2,000 colours and find the perfect hue for your home office.


Spring-clean your garden

Finally, it’s time to spring-clean your garden. Start by raking up old leaves and other mulch and add them to a compost heap or place the debris in your garden waste bin for collection.

Next, focus on tidying borders and edges and removing any weeds. If weeds have started to grow up the sides of your driveway, you can spray a weedkiller to keep those pesky growths at bay.

Once your garden is a nice blank canvas, you can now start to choose your spring bulbs. Consider where the sun will hit your garden come summer and choose spring garden plants and flowers that will bloom at different times.

If you have a patio or decking area, add oversized planters, outdoor seating and a patio heater for a warm and welcoming al fresco spot!


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