Top 5 Painting Tools for Decorators in 2019

Are you looking to make jobs easier and more efficient in 2019? There are hundreds of gadgets and tools available. However, there are a few that work extremely well making painting rooms much easier and quicker.

Here are our must-have painting tools to add to your van in 2019:

Extension Poles

We’re starting off simple, and it’s more than likely you may already have extension poles for your rollers in your painting arsenal, but it is a must-have. Making those hard reach areas much more reachable via an extension pole is much easier than trying to position a ladder, especially if you’re working a hallway and staircase.

Must Have:  Purdy Powerlock Extension Pole


Heavy Duty Wipes

Sick of getting clumps of paint stuck to your hands? Having some heavy duty wipes to hand will help get rid of paint really easily without much scrubbing, and they’re always handy to wipe off any mishaps on surfaces you didn’t mean to get paint on.

Must-Have: Heavy Duty Big Wipes


Scotch Tape Dispenser


Preparation can be a pain and pretty time consuming so cutting down the prep time should be one of the top priorities. A scotch tape dispenser can really cut down the time spent protecting skirting and other fixtures from unwanted paint splatters.


ProDec Duragrip Scraper


Looking to make quick and simple repairs to a customer's wall before you start painting? Applying a high-quality filler with a scraper will ensure that you don’t waste a large chunk of time applying a filler that is difficult to paint over. An absolute essential for any professional decorator.

Must Have:  ProDec Duragrip Scraper

Wagner Fine Coat FC3500

It may be a larger expense up front, but having a paint spray will significantly speed up the time it takes to paint a room. The low-pressure spray system works with both water & oil based products, perfect for quickly applying any Crown Paints Emulsion.

Must Have: Wagner Fine Coat FC3500

Are you even a proper painter if you don’t have the proper kit? And whilst you’re saving time with the paint spray, think of the fun you’ll have! A pretty sound investment and it means you’ll get you to the pub quicker after a solid days work cut in half.

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