Adhesion - The power to adhere to a surface. Mechanical adhesion, surface profile (texture/roughness) provides a 'key'. Physical adhesion relies on the 'stickiness' of the film former to achieve adhesion to the surface.

Cohesion - The perfect amalgamation of all the constituent parts of paint, achieving film stability. 

Drying - The process by which the liquid material converts into a dry film / coating.  

Drying Time - The length of time that elapses following the application of a coat of paint and the point at which it achieves a sufficient degree of hardness that the film cannot be disturbed

Durability - The period of time that a coating system or decorative product will perform satisfactorily before it needs to be maintained/recoated. 

Elasticity - The power to expand and contract under various conditions, failure in this respect causes the film to crack or lose adhesion. 

Fading -  The time lapses between a paint film being in a fluid, workable state and the time when the paint film reaches a non-fluid stat, this affects its degree of flow, causing firm build or 'lap' at the join between two painted areas of a surface.

Flow Level - The extent to which a coating material can flow out after application, to product a smooth surface, free from brush marks and other application irregularities  

Gloss Level - The degree to which a painted surface reflects light. 

Hardening -   The power to continue hardening after the initial drying process by continuing to absorb oxygen or by catalyst curing.

Opacity - The obliterating power or hiding power of paint. It's ability to completely obscure the colour of the underlying surface

Scrub Resistance -  The ease, degree or ability with which a painted surface can be scrubbed or washed without damage to the paint film.

Spreading Rate - The area covered by a given quantity of paint, varnish or decorative coating, when applied as recommended over a suitable surface.

Viscosity - The thickness or thinness of the liquid, essentially the products consistency

Wet Edge Time - This set time is important in all classes of paint as it affects speed and method of application.