The Issue

Stains can appear across both solvent and water based products, causing a discolouration to the final finish.

The Cause

Stains can appear for a number of reason such as timber extractives, nicotine, water staining, tar.

The Solution

Remove as much of the contamination as possible by rubbing down the surface using a suitable abrasive tool or paper. Using a correct primer is the key to keeping stains at bay, take a look at some of our suggestions below with a direct link to each product featured at the bottom of the page.


  • Crown Trade Alkali Resisting Sealer - Ideal for priming, sealing and stabilising new, dry alkaline surfaces such as new lime plaster, cement and concrete. It can also be used to seal stains, stabilise powdery chalky surfaces and promote adhesion to glass, ceramics and some plastics.

  • Crown Trade PSB Stain Block Primer - A high performance primer for use on interior and exterior broadwall and trim areas. With excellent opacity and stain blocking properties, it creates the ideal primer to cover and seal problem stains such as nicotine and smoke.
  • Crown Trade Aluminium Wood Primer - Designed for interior and exterior priming of hardwoods, resinous softwoods and wood treated with wood preservative.
  • Zinsser - From B.I.N to to Cover Stain and Bullseye 123, Zinsser has a full range of primer products suited to all surfaces and issues.