How to Safely Paint a Child's Bedroom

As more product technologies become readily available, your customer’s expectations and demands will change. This is the same case for paint and its development of water-based low solvent characteristics.

People want their children to sleep and play in a safe space, and rightly so, and the paint should play a big part in this role. Advising your customers to invest in a low solvent interior paint will further provide peace of mind that their child will be living in a chemically safe environment.

What are the options?

When it comes to advising your customer in the quoting stages, it is better to provide them with options. Whilst the Clean Extreme Durable Acrylic Eggshell offers a high-quality finish and is 100% more stain resistant (perfect for those little hands), it does give off solvent like smells.

The best options for children’s bedroom paint are:

  • Crown Steracryl Antibacterial Durable Acrylic Eggshell as it offers a low odour finish and antibacterial technology tested independently by SteriTouch. This option also offers excellent stain resistance making it a perfect option for children’s bedroom paint.

  • Crown Aquaflow Breatheasy Satin offers the best solution for painting kids bedrooms and nurseries as its 99% solvent-free whilst upholding the look and feel of a solvent based satin. Plus you can pick up the solvent free primer and gloss for a complete job.

Why are low solvent paints needed?

As well as providing a safe option for nursery paint, water-based paints offer a significantly lower environmental impact due to their lower amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The Crown Trade Antibacterial Durable Acrylic Eggshell also has the selling point of promoting health and well-being to your customers as it is designed to help fight against bacteria with the same high quality finish customers will expect.

Top tips

The Steracryl line from Crown Paint offers unique properties, a professional finish and is touch dry within 1-2 hours. This higher quality paint will reap benefits further down the line as it is resilient to stains and marking, perfect for high traffic areas, and children’s bedrooms as they will often touch the wall with sticky fingers!

With a higher quality finish, the customer will be happier, leading them to tell their friends and family about the work and keep you in mind for any future projects.

Once finished, don’t forget to clean the room of any equipment or waste left over from your work. It’s better the kids stick to their toy toolkits rather than the real ones! The added benefit of selecting VOC free paint is that the child will be able to sleep in that room straight away without the worry of breathing in harmful toxins.

For more information about our specialist paints, or if you’re having any specific problems, please visit our troubleshooting page.